Bitumen Slurry


To keep water out of a basement or cellar, then it will be necessary to waterproof the concrete foundations. The most common and effective method of concrete waterproofing is to apply a Type C waterproofing solution that includes a bitumen slurry coating, application of damp proofing membrane and a cavity drainage system. In some cases, this will be installed alongside a sump pump to drain away the collected water.

                            Basement Tanking

Cellar Tanking refers to creating an impenetrable waterproofing system. 

This can be done in a number of ways.

It can be done through the application of a waterproof coating directly to the walls, floors and sometimes the ceiling of the basement, whilst on other occasions tanking membranes for basements are used to create the barrier. Whilst this method of waterproofing does not remove water, it creates a barrier, stopping the water and moisture from seeping in. It is often necessary to add a sump pump to remove water that collects beneath the cellar.


                       Treatments for rising damp

  • Digging up the existing damp course
  • Rectifying and injecting chemicals into the walls
  • Extracting the damaged bricks and swapping those out for new ones
  • Re-plastering affected walls
  • Installing a rising damp proof course

At Delta Force Waterproofing, we work tirelessly to solve your damp problems quickly and to make your house dry and comfortable to live in again.

                      Resin Injection Waterproofing

Where use is appropriate, Delta Force Waterproofing cure leaks by the use of Resin injection, creating a ‘curtain wall’ on the outside of the structure to keep water out. We will assess and implement the best technique to stop water entering/exiting the structure using pressure injected materials. We only use industry proven materials from leading suppliers consisting of epoxy-based resins, aqua-reactive polyurethane resins, acrylic resin grouts and cementitious materials.

                          Basement Construction

Our company provides a thorough basement construction service, catering to those engaged in building a new residence, extending an existing property, or embarking on a commercial project. Drawing from our extensive experience in basement construction, We assure the development of a robust and enduring structure. We will dig out the basement from scratch, or excavate from crawl space, or a complete new basement. We will complete the whole structure, leaving you with a complete basement shell, Fully Waterproofed ready for the fit out contractors to take over.

                         Penetrating Damp

Our damp specialists can identify the cause of the issue and carry out remediation measures such as the application of water repellents or sealants, waterproof render, unblocking gutters, or repairing holes in the substrate where water is penetrating.

Damp Proofing

If you are concerned about a property that you’re thinking about buying, renovating a building or fixing a damp wall in a property that you own or let out, Delta Force Waterproofing can assist. We offer a comprehensive range of damp proofing treatments and our reliable damp specialist service is certain to get the job done. We also offer damp proofing treatments and tanking and waterproofing solutions for new and existing basements.

Rising Damp

Rising damp is often only detected when a property is ‘surveyed’ during a sale or purchase, which means damp may not be visually dramatic. However, if rising damp is left untreated, it can cause significant structural problems and lead to other issues such as wet or dry rot in floors or joinery. This is often the case when the problem has been present for some time as a result of the floor voids not being well ventilated with sufficient air bricks. Treatment of rising damp typically requires removal of the skirting boards and internal plaster, followed by the installation of a new damp proof course. Once this has been installed, we replaster the walls with a waterproof specialist plaster.

Waterproofing Systems

Basement waterproofing is possible in two different ways: either external waterproofing, or using tanking waterproofing to block the water from entering the building. You can also control the flow and ingress of water by using cavity drainage systems.